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About Us

About Us

We entered the business as an apprentice, learning from the masters, who taught us “ hand moulding “ without technology and afterwards, our founder made the transition to this application of moulds at the beginning of 2000s. He familiarised himself with 3D drawing through the CNC technology and despite his young age, has added entrepreneurial spirit to the business in between the years of 2003-2004. He has continued to be on his way to being a business manager and today he has founded the Efe Mould firm, which is walking confidently towards branding. Today, it is still closely following all the mould related developments and incorporating the latest technologies.

Our Vision

To do our job right in light of developing technologies and to ensure that every customer is satisfied. In our innovative structure to support the production industry of Turkey, Our most important vision is to create differences in the market with high-quality production.

Our Mission

Making reliable, fast, high quality shoe sole moulds. To provide you with a start printing directly from your moulds. To provide fast solutions to your every need. We make custom designs for you. Following the developing technology to have the appropriate machine park. We constantly improve ourselves by following the latest technology. Our biggest mission is to follow the changing fashion and take you a step forward of your competitors and continue our way with absolute customer satisfaction.

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